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At EduKitchen and the ETI Academy we are dedicated to providing teachers and students with new educational ways to approach teaching and learning that can be considered “out of the box”. We believe the kitchen brings much success to education and keep reading to see how we make the connections. 

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Our publications highlight important connections teachers and students can make to their teaching and learning goals. In our publications we provide easy approaches, videos, and downloadable products or courses to make your journey in education one that you appreciate for years to come! 

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Read our educational blogs to see what advice, products, courses, and services we have to offer  teachers, students, and parents. Our website helps with improving approaches to teaching and learning that build confidence and enthusiasm while building the necessary skills.  Contact us to learn more about how we can help with enhancing your educational goals. 

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Stay one step ahead this school year by using our free and ultimate study planner. Sign up for our inspirational resources and download your free copy of our study planner today! 

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“Our Blogs Aim to Help Motivate Learning In School"

education through inspiration

In supporting students we will work towards building important life skills to help find your motivation in school. 

Find the skills that take you from the kitchen to the classroom

These are the skills that will help you build your success in learning new material throughout the school year. 

Once you have your main skills and build your recipe for success you can approach your learning in school with confidence and enthusiasm enough to explore other topics that motivate learning.

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“Our Tools for Education Aim to Help Inspire Teaching"

In entering the teaching field, you are entering a world of opportunity in guiding and inspiring young minds of the future. What are some things every new teacher needs to know?

These things include how to manage important or hot button topics that center around teaching, such as classroom management and discipline. 

Classroom management is the basis for a safe classroom environment ready for teaching and learning, yet what else goes into making a classroom ready to inspire minds of tomorrow? Read on to find out…

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“Our Videos Help Inspire New Approaches To Teaching and Learning"

education and administrators

Administrations in school lay the foundation for positive role models when in comes to teaching and learning.  

Trending topics in mental health are becoming ever popular in school curriculums. 

Learning the connections between emotions and learning are helping to pave the way for teachers and students to start growing together. 

Building important math skills in the classroom that can be used outside the classroom can be achieved by looking at social emotional learning (SEL) in the math classroom. 

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“Our Resources Aim to Help Support Goals inside & Outside the Classroom"

educaton and parents

Parents play an important role in education. The input parents can bring into an educational institution can support major changes that may happen in education.

Finding the connection to parents through hard times can help make situations, like learning online, easier for teachers and students. 

Providing parents the right kinds of educational resources, such as those to support math learning, language learning, or in using popular edtech tools,  can help them understand the topics covered in school will bring the needed support educational instuitions may seek use in years to come. 

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“Your Journey in Education Should Inspire You To Love Who You Want To Be”

Helping you succeed in education is our Mission

At EduKitchen and the ETI Academy our mission is to help teachers and students find their success in loving what they do and in becoming who they want to be. Our pillars for success include: mentorship, ownership, leadership, and of course, inspiration.

1. Mentorship

Through our ebooks we offer mentorship in teaching and learning strategies to help you build your success.

2. ownership

Through our infographics we allow you to take ownership of your educational goals in teaching or learning.

3. Leadership

Through our courses we provide you the opportunity to grow you skills by taking the lead in gaining knowledge.

4. inspiration

Through our guides we hope to build confidence and enthusiasm when it comes to learning.

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“Our Journey in Education Began with an idea and transformed into an Academy”

changing the
future together

Explore the educational courses and services offered by EduKitchen & ETI Academy. We believe in working alongside teachers, students, admininistrators, and parents to help change the future together in meeting educational goals. 

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“Your Journey in Education Should Tell The Story Of Who You Are And Be A Collection Of What You Love”

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Our services aim to support students and teachers with finding the right path to their success in school. 

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It has never been easier to create enthusiasm and confidence in your learning abilities with The ETI Academy.

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