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Welcome to EduKitchen - Recipes for Learning

Welcome to EduKitchen – Recipes for Learning. We offer educational consulting services in the areas of teaching and learning. On this website our educational blogs help to you create your own unique approaches when it comes to teaching and learning. 

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What we learn in the kitchen can help in school and in tracing our own cultural history.  Click to visit with Michael W. Twitty and cook your origin story. 

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EduKitchen provides online educational consulting services and courses dedicated to helping students and teachers become the best version of themselves in reaching their educational goals.

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Read our educational blogs to see what advice, recommendations, courses, and resources we have to offer  teachersstudents, and parents. Our website helps with improving approaches to teaching and learning that build confidence and enthusiasm while building the necessary skills.  Contact us to learn more about how we can help with enhancing your educational goals. 

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EduKitchen has many tools to support teachers, students, and parents with building success in education. Our educational resources highlight the best edtech tools for teaching and learning online. We also share new ways to approach teaching and learning english language skills as well as in building math skills.

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