The kitchen can help homeschooling parents show their children how to build important life skills that can benefit them in their journey through education. 

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At EduKitchen we are dedicated to providing homeschooling parents and learners with valuable resources, videos, and products that unlock the secrets to successful recipes for learning. Read on to see how five important life skills: organization, time management, problem solving, critical thinking, and communication can grow in the homeschooling classroom.


Read on to see how the kitchen can help build life skills we use in the homeschooling classroom such as; organization, time management, problem solving, critical thinking, and communication.



Learning to be organized outside the classroom, helps you stay organized and focused inside the classroom. Let us help you stay organized with these useful guides! 

problem solving

We show steps to improving problem solving skills in subjects like maths and science to help make life easier when faced with “on the spot” decisions when it comes to participation in the classroom.


Through our assessment guides we provide parents with the opportunities to grow, communicate, and build better relationships with their children’s teachers and in learning. 

Critical thinking

Through our printable guides we help to build confidence and enthusiasm when it comes to learning.

time management

Through our presentation guides we help students manage their time when looking to improve their studies to aid their future!

Recipes for learning

What is a recipe for learning? It combines the five skills we just mentioned and adds in patience, confidence and enthusiasm! Get your recipe for learning in our study guide today!


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Our blogs will inspire students and homeschooling parents alike to look at the kitchen as a place of learning and how that inspiration can transition to the classroom. Take the time to explore our blog pages that help you see the connections between the kitchen and the classroom. 

EduKitchen Videos

"Recipes for Learning" is our motto

We believe 3 important characteristics bring much success to learning. Watch our welcome video and see what three characteristics are important in education. 

The ETI ACademy

Students can look to build their success in education through inspiration by thinking “outside the box”. The topics covered by the ETI Academy discuss areas of teaching, learning, mental health, international test preparation. Watch our welcome video!

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