Math Learning Strategies

The year 2020 has tested the education field unlike any previous year. With schools having to provide virtual tools for teaching and learning,  teachers and students struggles with online learning were compounded with feelings of isolation. However, with the right approach to this new virtual learning environment,  students and teachers may regain the confidence and enthusiasm they need to provide the best educational environment for everyone. EduKitchen – Recipes is here to provide both teachers and students with the best tips and strategies for teaching and learning in subjects such as Math, that will result in an enjoyable learning experience for all. Visit our website at EduKitchen – Recipes for Learning to learn more about the relevant teaching techniques, tips, and support strategies we offer for learning Math online. EduKitchen – Recipes for Learning blogs provide a comprehensive look at innovative and creative strategies for teaching and learning Math inside the virtual classrooms.

Math Resources

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Math Resources – 3 Informative and Worthwhile Websites When it comes to finding the right math resources in education, which websites provide the support needed to gain the confidence when teaching or learning maths? In this article we list 3 important websites teachers, homeschoolng parents, and even students can benefit from in helping to gain …

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Math Problem Solving Made Easy

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Learn The Important Steps To Problem Solving In Math Why is it important to improve problem solving skills in math? Improving problem solving skills in math means developing a general strategy that works every time and provide answers to many different kinds of problems.  Students can master their problem solving skills by following three (3) …

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