educational math videos

Educational Math Videos

These Amazing Educational Math Videos Will Change Your Life!

Why are educational math videos still considered an important resource in education? 

Teachers and students find that videos can present the information in ways that benefit teaching and learning. 

The videos we share at EduKitchen- Recipes for Learning are meant to be used as a resource tools to support both teachers and supports in the field of Mathematics.

In this article we look at five important benefits of educational Math videos. We also present important step by step instructions in showing how to solve Math problems through some of our very own educational videos! 

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Building Confidence in Teaching or Learning

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Five Reasons to Watch Math Videos

The videos in this section relate to our educational viewpoints on how math should be seen by both teachers and students in classroom. 

Our goals in presenting these videos are to help make math teaching and learning fun for everyone!

improve your math skills

The benefits of watching educational math videos isn’t really limited to just five, but we will cover the five benefits in relation to teaching and learning. 

I. Makes Teaching and Learning Easier

The first one is to allow teachers and students to learn ways to understanding how to overcome challenges in teaching or learning math, and help build math skills

Our “Is Math a language?” video benefits students and teachers alike in encouraging the use of Math vocabulary when explaining answers to common Math problems.

One of the unfortunate realities in learning math is that students may find it hard to visualize abstract math concepts for the first time. It is easier when they can make connections to math in every day life.

Educational math videos can be a great source of teaching when the challenges of speaking about a concept is hard to image how it can help in our daily lives!

II. Helps Overcome Math Anxiety

 The second is to appreciate and cure negative emotions and anxieties as it relates to math. 

Our “Why is Math hard?” video introduces students and teachers to the two main factors that may cause students to perceive math as being ‘hard’. Both teachers and students need to recognize and then communicate the following three points;

  • The emotions involved in learning.
  • The opportunity to learn something new.
  • The steps to becoming better problem solvers

III. Improves Problem Solving Skills

The third is in  improving problem solving skills to make teaching and learning math easier.

Students who have a hard time transitioning to the more “abstract” concepts of problem solving will find it easier to see how the steps to problem look like in front of them.

Our “How To Improve Your Problem Solving Skills in Math” video introduces students and teachers to our recommended three step-solution to approaching problem solving questions in Math. 

When you find a good educational math video, you can watch it get a “refresher” on how to problem solve the right way!

IV. Helps Communicate Steps To Problem Solving

By watching how others communicate steps to problem solving, it makes it easier for when it’s time to for us to communicate the steps to our teacher or fellow classmates in the same way.

Helps to Understand Social Emotional Learning

The videos in this section relate to educational viewpoints related to understanding what social emotional learning is, how it impacts on learning in the math classroom, and why it is important to understand its inclusion in educational evaluations in today’s classroom.

Consider joining Terence Tao’s Masterclass in looking to inspire confidence and sense of autonomy when it comes to developing mathematical thinking.  Visit this resource to help start your journey by clicking here. 

V. Helps With Every Day Math

When we take the time to see that math is all around us, we can learn to enjoy it more in everyday settings. 

Our math videos are intended to provide easy to follow methods for solving common problems in math. We have two very common every day math topics presented below: adding fractions (with different denominators), and adding integers. 

See the image below to enjoy our comic about a common every situation when it comes to Math. Do you have any funny Math stories to share? Let us know in the comments below!

educational math videos to improve your math skills

Our collection of educational math videos on YouTube is still growing. We present to you a table of contents representing the videos that we have made, and ask if you would like to see a math topic as a video, let us know in the comments below!

A. Educational Math Video on Adding Fractions

EduKitchen presents an instructional video on adding fractions. The steps we present reflect the important tips for solving problems; follow along with us as we communicate the steps needed to solve adding fractions with different denominators! 

B. Educational Math Video on Adding Integers

Whether this is your first lesson on adding fractions, or you are simply looking for a review on adding fractions, then this is the video for you. Join us as we communicate the necessary skills needed to solve adding positive and negative integers.

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Let us hear your thoughts on our 5 benefits to watching educational videos and whether you agree or disagree with our reasons. 

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