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Why Classrooms Need Educational Videos

Educational videos benefit learning because they help support student growth and mental health when it comes to making connections through learning. 

5 Reasons Teachers Should Use Educational Videos

Educational videos help to introduce or reinforce ideas in a visual way. They provide the opportunity to use different learning styles to help students improve their learning. 

The ETI Academy works to bring knowledge and advice on important educational topics to teachers, students, and parents. 

We enjoy making videos to help you reach your educational goals, and hope you will find these and all our educational videos informative, helpful, and fun to watch. 

teaching critical thinking skills

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Read on to learn more benefits to using educational videos in the classroom.

Educational Videos by The ETI Academy

Our goal in creating our videos is providing a basic understanding of such topics and their impact on education to teachers, students, and parents. 

Watch our welcome video to learn more about us and our goal in education.

Visit our YouTube channel to see our videos that can be viewed at home, or in educational classrooms to inspire teaching and learning. 

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Five Benefits Educational Videos Bring to Learning

The educational videos we present on our YouTube channel cover a wide variety of educational categories to benefit teaching and learning. 

I. Introduces New Approaches to Learning

The first is to learn the best strategies for learning that help earn those top scores in school.

Our “Are You Ready to Change Your Focus in School?” video benefits students and teachers alike in encouraging teachers and students to take different approaches with topics.

For more videos on general learning strategies from the ETI Academy, visit our YouTube “Student Learning Made Easy” playlist here. 

II. Visual Aids Help Create a Story Around Learning

The second is that educational videos allow students to actually see how to overcome challenges in learning by taking students on a road to discovery. 

For example, teaching how to develop your skills with the English language.

Our “Grammar Lesson  on Restrictive vs. Non-Restrictive clauses benefits students in presenting a visual way of showing how to learn the lesson.

For more videos on improving your writing strategies from the ETI Academy, visit our YouTube “English Writing Skills” playlist here. 

III. Helps Overcome Learner's Anxiety​

 The third is to appreciate and cure negative emotions and anxieties as it relates to learning. 

Our “Art of Good Communication Video” video introduces students and teachers to the ways communicating helps in building confidence both inside and outside the classroom. 

For more videos on understanding the connections between emotions and learning from the ETI Academy, visit our YouTube Emotions and Learning” playlist here. 

IV. Builds Life Long Skills

The fourth is in helping to build life long skills to make learning and teaching others easier.

Our “How To Build Critical Thinking Skills” video introduces the importance of building thinking skills to help one become more independent and smarter in getting things done. 

For more videos on building important life skills from the ETI Academy, visit our YouTube Kitchen to Classroom” playlist here. 

V. Improves on Mental Heath

The fifth is to improve on mental health.

The videos in this section relate to educational viewpoints on the important topic of mental health in Education. 

In these videos we discuss the importance of mental health in the classroom, be in the traditional or online classrooms. 

This “Mental Health Topics In Education” video presents the interactions between school administrators, teachers, students, their families, and what happens in the classroom. 

This video is intended to introduce teachers and students to the topic of mental health and how it impacts on learning in the online classroom.

Building Efficacy in the Online Classroom

The videos in this section relate to educational viewpoints related to self-efficacy, the meaning of identities in the online classroom and their connection to mental health.

Establishes Teacher Identity ​

The videos Mental Health and Teacher Identity” discusses the meaning of identities, the factors impacting teacher identity, and why teacher identity is important to their overall mental health in the classroom.

Recognizes Student Identity​

The video “Mental Health and Student Identity” discusses the meaning of identities, the factors impacting student identity, and why student identity is important to their overall mental health in the classroom.

Helps With English Language Test Preparation

Our test preparation videos are meant to benefit students preparing to take popular English based language tests such as the TOEFL iBT, IELTS, or SAT.

Our “Test Preparation Tips” video benefits students in providing the necessary checklists for making the right decisions as to which test of English to take.

On our Youtube channel we have playlists dedicated to each of the popular tests of English. Visit the links below in the related topics to learn more about each test.

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