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Problem Solve from Kitchen to Classroom

In this article, we present five reasons why improving your problem solving skills benefits your academic goals and work ethic.

How to Improve Your Problem Solving Skills

Welcome to our kitchen to classroom series where we will look at five topics in which the kitchen inspires education. This article will focus on the importance of problem solving skills when it comes to learning in the years of middle school education and beyond.

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The five reasons are to build:

  •  Confidence in approaching problems
  • Critical thinking skills (strategies to thinking)
  • Organizational skills
  • Time management skills
  • Communication skills

Tools To Help Build Problem Solving Skills

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Get a sneak peak at how to improve your problem skills by watching this video below!

The Connection between Work Ethic and Problem Solving Skills

What is work ethic? 

It is a set of beliefs a person has on the importance of doing work and their determination to work hard.

Often if people find the work hard, they will feel like it can’t be done.

This is where our problem solving skills can help turn – I can’t into I can – get work done.

How to Problem Solve from Kitchen to Classroom

Problem solving in the kitchen can mean anything from; replacing missing ingredients, changing the recipe to meet dietary restrictions, or making improvements to a dish that takes it from a great to a WOW dish that is the talk of the kitchen table for years to come! 

problem solving benefits

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Improving your problem solving skills will also have a positive effect on how you study. 

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In school and in life, individuals will see that improving their problem solving skills helps with organizing and understanding the material needed to get assignments or projects done on time. 

So we will keep those in mind as we read through the rest of this article.

Problem solving in the kitchen can really help to make anyone an amazing cook.!

Strengthen Your Problem Solving Skills Video

But there are benefits to problem solving in school as well. Watch our video on the importance of building problem solving skills to find the answers!

As you can see from the video, there is a three – step approach you can take to help with problem solving – inside and outside the kitchen.

I. Recognize the Details of the Problem

In recognizing the problem, we should determine which of the W questions (who, what, when, where, why) and how are impacted.

use given information in math

II. Know What You Are Looking For

In short, we are looking for the most effective and time-saving approach to find the answers to the details of the problem. 

student learning

III. Use the Best Way To Get to the Solution

Using the most effective and time-saving approach is the best way to get the solution means we have an organized, well thought-out, and well communicated approach to handling the problem. 

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Benefits To Improving Your Problem Solving Skills

We now look at the five benefits to improving your problem solving skills when it comes to learning and beyond. 

I. Builds Confidence

In improving your problem solving skills, you also build your confidence in being able to handle problems yourself or in helping others.


II. Strengthen Critical Thinking Skills

With problem solving it’s important to learn to ask the questions that well help you understand what you are looking for in the shortest time possible.

build critical thinking skills

III. Helps Build Organizational Skills

Organizing our time is time well spent. This means we plan our time so that we don’t waste any of it. 

organization in school

In doing so, we may find extra time for enjoyment in communicating with others!

IV. Helps Improve Time Management Skills

Using our time wisely can help to reduce problems or avoid them altogether. 

teachers and time management

V. Helps Enhance Communication Skills

When we gain confidence in our problem solving skills, we can learn to communicate the answers we found that helped us to help others solve their problems. 

develop communication skills

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Final Thoughts...

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and found it useful for building good problem solving skills that will help with your educational goals in learning for years to come!

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