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What are some math learning strategies that work to keep both teachers and students happy? The challenges for teachers in trying to keep students active and engaged during math lessons are plentiful but as our world changes, we learn through proper engagement how best to deal with math anxiety and stay active while appreciating what we are teaching and learning in the math classroom.

Danya Khelfa, Founder of EduKitchen
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Strategies to Teaching Math

What is it about math that makes some students want to throw their math book out the window? Can math really be that intimidating for some students? Our research shows that there are two main reasons connected to why some students may find math hard to understand. Join us on YouTube as we present a video on why some students may find math hard. Will the answers surprise you? Click below to read more about important strategies to teaching math skills.

Emotions and Math Learning

Mistakes are a part of everyday life, so why do mistakes in the math classroom, bring about so much anxiety for both students and teachers?  In classrooms, having students learn to recognize how the emotions they feel impacts on their learning, is one way teachers can help students work through their anxieties when it comes to math. Recognizing the connection between social emotional learning (SEL)  and math in the classroom is key to allowing students a chance to improve their math learning strategies in both the traditional and online classroom. Click below to read more about emotions in learning and how it can help build math skills.

Educational Resources

Not sure which educational resources in math can be helpful in the online classroom? Visit our online educational resources page to learn more! Educational web resources make learning fun and easy for both students and teachers. No need to reinvent the wheel when there are great resources to help facilitate learning. Click to learn more about tried and tested online educational resources recommended by EduKitchen! Our services are designed to help students, teachers, and parents, in reaching new levels of academic success with in dealing with the online classroom. 

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