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Recipes For Learning

What Are Recipes for Learning? The 7 Skills Important for Learning

EduKitchen asks ; Why not look at strategies for success in learning, as building  ‘recipes’ for success with learning?

When it comes to studying, most students find it difficult to put together a strategy that helps them succeed with learning. 

In this article Edukitchen offers a look at important skills and strategies to help students build and maintain “recipes” for learning to make how we learn easy and enjoyable.  

A free download of recipe for learning guide for building success is available in this article. 

We also look at valuable study tips to help make how we study easy to follow and maintain.

Building The Best Planner

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We know that recipes in the kitchen need essential ingredients to make every part of the meal something to remember.  We also know that there are important steps to follow through in the recipe that leads to the ultimate satisfaction of the meal we are about to enjoy. 

Healthy Food Checklist

At EduKitchen, we believe the kitchen is one of the best places for learning. This is because we have many opportunities for subject learning in the kitchen. 

A food recipe also includes learning skills that teach us language, math, and science. We also build on important life skills such as organization, time management, and problem solving.

Our name, EduKitchen, is inspired by the kitchen, and we believe that when we combine the tools for education with recipes for success, we get “recipes” for learning! 

Building Recipes for Learning Video

Watch our video below to see how it is possible to create your own recipes for learning. 

How can we make “recipes” for learning?  

Let us begin with recognizing the seven must have skills that build our recipes. 

Recognize The 7 Must Have Skills

EduKitchen believes that anyone, with the right skills, or ingredients (see our list), can develop general learning strategies that when used correctly, can create recipes for success for their educational and future goals. 

Healthy Mind for Studying

Read below as to how to use these seven skills to build and maintain learning strategies. 

I. Enthusiasm

(1) Begin with enthusiasm – It is in all of us, we just have to recognize it’s potential. We also need to recognize that we can do it, we just need to believe that we can, and nobody can tell you otherwise!

II. Confidence

(2) Add confidence – believe that nothing can stand in your way, and that you can, and you will learn the subject!

III. Organization

(3) Sprinkle with organization –where is your happy place for studying –  use social media with caution!  

IV. Time Management

(4)  Include some time management – are you an early bird or night owl – what time are you most productive!

V. Problem Solving Skills

(5) Fold in your problem solving skills – recognize what you know, what you need to find, and how you solve that need!

VI. Communication Skills

(6)  Season well with communication – allow yourself to ask questions when you don’t understand or are able to share what you know with others! Positive words only!

VII. Patience

(7)  Blend the previous ingredients with patience – “Rome wasn’t built in a day” is the quote that tells us that patience in allowing for mistakes as you learn will help you grow in learning and understanding

Our mindset is also important; the last three ingredients on the list; consistency, goals, and positive outlooks help build a positive mindset for learning.

We have put these seven skills in a free resource to download or to share with others.

Now that you have created your recipes for learning, think about how you learn, and why it is so important.

How We Learn Is Important

If we change the focus of our learning from WHAT we are learning to HOW we will learn the material, it will allow us to understand and believe more as to WHY we need to learn the material.

Watch our video to get a sneak peak at how to earn those top scores at school.

Click to read more on how a change in focus in education can bring about success with academic teaching and learning.

Along with how you learn, it is also important to consider how humor can make learning so much more fun and interesting.

Consider Adding a Little Laughter To The List

Consider adding a little laughter in with all the seriousness of creating such recipes for learning. 

inspiration through laughter

When we learn to see the humor in how sometimes things don’t go as expected, or the unintended consequences of doing (or not doing) things, then we make our day just a little bit brighter by taking away some of the anxieties we associate with learning or life! 

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Final Thoughts..

The purpose behind building a “recipe for learning” is to understand that how we learn plays a major role in our success in Education. It will help us build the necessary skills and abilities to understand what we are learning. 

And if for nothing else, creating recipes for learning can help make us become better at problem solving – which  we need to recognize is a very important life skill. Your brain will thank you for it!

Think about how many problems you solve in one day! 

Still counting?

Share Your Thoughts

Let us know your thoughts on our idea that learning can be like creating a recipe! 

Finally remember that…

If we build our enthusiasm for knowledge using our life skills through patience, we gain the necessary confidence to do well in our studies.

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