social emotional learning

Social Emotional Learning

Social Emotional Learning - 7 Benefits To Including It In The Classroom

How important of a role does social emotional learning play into the classroom?

In this article we discuss how social emotional learning (SEL) can be beneficial to learning, especially with math learning, by looking at how certain emotions can greatly benefit or upset learning, especially in the math classroom. 

A free guide on the benefits to social emotional learning in the classroom is available for download at the end of this article. 

Building Awareness Around Learning

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How can we get students to agree social emotional learning is something beneficial to their learning experience? 

Watch our video to see the 7 reasons social emotional learning can help students with improving their learning goals, and how these 7 reasons can apply to the math classroom. 

Table of Contents

Now that you have seen the video, let’s explore more about the topic of social emotional learning and how these 7 reasons benefit student learning.

What is Social Emotional Learning (SEL)?

Social emotional learning (SEL) has only recently become a hot topic in education. SEL is seen as the ability for students to use their emotions in a social learning environment to help guide their learning and set goals for their academic success. 

School administration has now placed a greater emphasis in having emotions recognized as an integral part of the learning process. 

social emotional learning and math

In certain parts of the world, school administrations have now placed greater emphasis on mental health and having emotions recognized as an integral part of the learning process. Curriculum updates in Canada now encourage the use of SEL to help with math learning.

How can SEL Help Students?

One of the important strategies when it comes to learning is how we recognize emotions attached to learning. 

social emotional learning

Students should be encouraged to have their voices heard, their identities established, and feel that they are in a safe learning environment where mistakes won’t be something to hold them back with their learning. 

The 7 Benefits To Social Emotional Learning

The seven benefits to using social emotional learning (SEL) in the classroom will tell you why SEL is so important for learning in general. Click below to download your free copy of this infographic on the benefits to SEL.

social emotional learning

Freedom of Expression

Social emotional learning inside the classroom allows for ideas, opinions, and emotions around learning  to be expressed freely and without fear. 

Every Voice Matters

Teachers and students understand that all voices matter and should be heard in sharing answers. 

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Ideas Lead To Inspiration

In having students connect emotions to accepting their own ideas and the ideas of others around answers to questions. 

Building A Safe Learning Environment

When teachers and students connect their emotions to accepting the value of what all students bring to the classroom, it brings forth a sense of belonging that helps foster a safe learning environment. 

Word Choice Matters

Students use emotions to value back and forth responses on questions  to establish respect for ideas and opinions of others.

Emotions Matter

When teachers allow students the ability to connect their learning to expressing emotions on the concepts and overcoming any negative emotions, students appreciate it as part of the learning process.

Mistakes Turn Into Opportunities To Learn

It allows for teachers and students to show that mistakes are to be part of improving the learning process, instead of being seen as a means to hindering it.

teacher student relationships

How Can Teachers Support Social Emotional Learning In The Classroom?

This is where teacher intuition works best. When teachers recognize that their students are experiencing negative emotions with what they are learning, then teachers can better communicate with their students. 

Teachers can make a world of difference with how a student learns a subject when they show students that they can connect to the emotions students may be feeling. 

social emotional learning and teachers

When the student feels that they are in a safe environment with making mistakes, for example, then they will build within themselves the confidence and enthusiasm that will benefit their learning.

Social Emotional Learning And Math Anxiety

Recognizing emotions in learning allows for better communication between teachers and students, as well among students themselves. 
It opens the door to better math learning and problem solving skills when it comes to all different types of questions students may have in the classroom.
Math has become a subject closely related to emotions. Students will signify that they love or hate math based on two important factors. One factor being how the teacher teaches it, and the other is how they easily come to understand concepts. 
When school administrations include social emotional learning as part of the curriculum, teachers can allow for students to recognize any anxiety that may build while learning, and especially in the math classroom. 
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Final Thoughts...

 When students feel like they can work through their emotions and frustrations together with other students and the teacher about what they are learning, then the process of how they learn can begin.
 Students will begin to ask questions in a way that allows them to feel accepted and appreciative of learning math whether it be in the traditional or online classroom. 

Social Emotional Learning In The Classroom

Click to download your free educational guide as to the benefits to including social emotional learning in the classroom

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