summer time activities at home

Summer Time Activities at Home

Summer Time Activities At Home : Five Ways To Enjoy Your Day

How do we schedule the right activities to make summer fun, exciting, and educational?

Why should summer be educational? Learning doesn’t have a time and place, and when we learn, we are doing something educational. 

But perhaps educational may not be the right word. 

We don’t want to scare off any readers looking for summer activities for kids, or for any one looking for enjoyable activities this summer

summer fun in the sun

Finding the right activities we can enjoy all summer may be a challenge given how technology is the quick and easy go to activity that keeps us engaged for hours on end! 

If you are looking for ways to avoid spending yours, or your kids entire day on electronics then keep reading!

The kids may not like it, but even though school is out, it doesn’t mean that the routine has to also be out for the summer.

Building Creative Minds All Summer Long

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Building Your Summer Activities Daily Schedule

We have put together a category list of five must use activities you (or your kids) will enjoy and will find time for this summer. 

You will find our recommend list of the kinds of activities you can do each day using our free downloadable summer activities planner guide.

summer time activities at home

Use our table of contents to see a more detailed description as to the type and benefit of each activity.

Physical (Sports) Activities

We encourage children to include some physical activities in their day to keep their energy levels high. The benefits to physical activities is plentiful as it builds muscles and maintains the body and mind in good health.

Simple physical activities around the house could as simple as running around in the back yard, or running through the family sprinkler to play games with house hold garden items. Physical activities could be as simple as going for a simple walk, run, or hike. Daily visits to the nearby dry or water parks encourage children to explore what the park has to offer, as well improving their communication and language skills.

summer physical activities

Language Activities

What are the benefits of learning a new language?

It expands language skills and teaches the individual to connect languages together, as being able to communicate in different language. 

Studies show that learning more than one language greatly improves memory skills and makes it easier to learn not only languages but topics in other subjects such science and math.

In building language skills it is important to recognize how to improve on each skill. It starts with listening skills, encourage your children to build their listening skills with games and activities. 

summer language activities

Once the passive skill of listening is well – established, move to the active skill of speaking. After speaking, we go back to the more advanced passive skill of reading. Then, finally moving on to the more advanced active skill of writing.

If it’s not possible to visit language centers in person, you could  use language board games such as Scrabble! or an app called Duolingo to help build language skills each day. Duolingo helps track and encourage progress with language skills so it helps to keep the kids on track.

Why not turn the skills we are using in language activities and become musical?

Musical Activities

Research has shown that allowing children to play musical instruments increases their critical thinking skills as well as memory skills. 

summer music activities

Playing an instrument may not be an affordable past time, however, with now the internet makes it possible to use certain apps that help teach how to play certain instruments. Being musical could also mean learning how to sing. Learning a musical talent can be seen as an educational activity.

Educational / Research Activities

Now wait, I know what you’re thinking, most kids don’t want to hear the word educational during summer months. True, but when we say educational it doesn’t have to mean going to school.

Do your children ask questions about certain topics such as Space or the Oceans of the World?

summer research activities

Why not encourage your children to take a little time out of their day to research a topic that they find interesting to learn more about it and share it with others!

Educational activities in summer pretty much means ways to doing any activity that improves life skills. We mean here playing board games (which can help improve math skills), visiting the local library, exploring the arts through writing stories, plays, or drawing, and helping in and around the house with chores or cooking.

Kitchen Activities

Why not encourage your children to help make new recipes in the kitchen?  Learning to cook or bake is a life skill that most people would appreciate having in their aprons. The level of creativities that can result from cooking remain endless.

We at EduKitchen believe that the skills we learn in the kitchen can be easily applied to the classroom. If you consider how much learning goes on in the kitchen, we can see how that same learning helps build confidence in the classroom.

Free Summer Time Activities At Home Scheduler

Now that we have a list of 5 main activities to choose from how can we build a schedule of activities during the week? The timing of your schedule and the duration of each activities can be adjusted to suit the age levels of your children.

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Final Thoughts...

You will note that we do include a time for electronics as it is inevitable that children would want some electronics time. However, it is important to  keep it no more than the recommended daily amount (when possible!)

Both parents and children found that, due to online learning becoming a necessity in 2020 and beyond, electronics weren’t only for relaxation and so this made the stresses of learning even more challenging. 

In our blog section you will also find ways for both parents and students to cope with the stresses that came with learning online. Click on the highlighted words to learn more. 

And finally, some of the best ways to wind down the day is with family. Some simple activities could include family movie night, or story time just before bed. One last point to mention is to include laughter in your daily to make any challenges that come your way a little easier to handle. 

online learning

We hope you found this article useful and will be of help in making this summer a more enjoyable one for both you and your family!

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  1. Thank you for sharing these! I’m not a parent or a student but I feel like even I can benefit from this list. Can certainly see myself taking on either a language or a cooking class. Thanks for the inspiration 😀

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