In this article we look at presenting alternative approaches to behavior strategies in the homeschool classroom and offer free downloadable behavior based resources for teachers to use in the classroom.

Homeschooling your child means that at certain times in the day the relationship turns from parent and child to teacher and student.

Therefore, this article will refer to the parent as teacher, and child or children as students. 

Behavior Related Issues & Strategies

In the past, serve discipline measures, including certain forms of physical punishment existed, to manage student behavior.  

In today’s society, physical punishment as part of behavior management is not looked upon as an ideal solution to a child misbehaving.

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Positive Behavior Activities for Kids: 50 Fun and Engaging Exercises to Help Kids Make Good Choices at Home, at School, and Beyond

Therefore parent as teachers and  their children as students must be aware of certain issues that may impact on behavior in the homeschool classroom.

Here now are four important ways to building positive behavior in the homeschool classroom.

1. Develop the Connection between Student Mental Health & Learning

In education today, mental health plays an important role in finding alternate methods to maintaining positive behavior and in forming proper discipline strategies in the classroom. 

Discussions between teachers and  students need to be productive and allowed in such a way so that students don’t feel embarrassed to discuss their emotions in the class. 

Teachers should then consider using methods of differentiation to help students work at their own level when it comes to emotions.

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2. Approach Sensitive Topics In Education the Right Way

Changes to behavior in education in recent times has become closely connected to social media.

Teachers are now finding themselves in the position of teaching in competition with what students are seeing online. 

Even though technology has many benefits in education, it is also a means of bring sensitive topics discussed outside the classroom – inside the classroom.

Note: this article takes sensitive topics as being ones that create intense emotions in certain students.

If the topic is sensitive in nature, it is important to begin by stating that it is a sensitive issue and that sometimes it helps to talk about it or write it down. 

Journal Writing In Sensitive Times

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Sometimes students may need an outlet to express their ideas, or drawings, or different ways to express emotions in better understanding their behavior. Teachers should encourage students to use journals as a way of reflecting on their emotions.

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3. Utilize the Connection between Teacher Intuition and Student Behavior

Teacher intuition plays an important role in creating effective behavior strategies in the classroom. 

Intuition is not unique to education,  as many successful persons in any field will say that it is an important part of a recipe for success. 

Teachers who understand how to use their intuition for good in the classroom  will have students who are generally well-behaved since they feel they are in the presence of a person who cares for them.

When a student feels that their teacher cares for them, they are more willing to open up discuss sensitive topics, and so the teacher may be  in a better position to seek help if the student may be struggling with a sensitive topic. 

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As social media becomes a more dominant presence in students’ lives, it is important for teachers to continue to make it known to students that they (teachers) in a better position to help them over social media.

However, there may be times when, despite teachers’ best efforts, may find comfort in other resources such as negative friendships or social media, and may not respect what the teacher has to say.

In this case, it is important teachers take the right approach to finding alternate behavior strategies that gets students back on their side, rather than looking to punish students with traditional punishments that may not work in present times.

4. Use Resources for Classroom Management

We provide free resources to help teachers deal with behavior issues in the homeschool classroom. The resource we offer below work best for students in grades 4 and older. 

Download your free copy of our behavior reflection sheet and get a BONUS homework reflection sheet to use in the classroom.  

4.1 Behavior Reflection Sheet

This sheet has the student firsts recognize the wrong behavior that got them the sheet in the first place. 

behavior reflection sheet

It then asks the student to reflect on why good behavior is important and how they will show good behavior moving forward. 

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For students in the primary grades consider using these free BEHAVIOR THINK SHEET resources from teachers pay teachers.

4.2 Homework Reflection Sheet

This sheet has the student first explain their lack of responsibility that got them the sheet in the first place. 

homework reflection sheet

It then asks the student to reflect on why homework is important and how they will recognize their responsibility moving forward. 

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Final Thoughts…

Behavior and discipline strategies are really just ways teachers and students can form relationships that will be healthy and supportive during their time together.

With changes to society coming rapidly it can become overwhelming on the mental health of both teachers and students. 

teachers plant seeds that grow forever

Let us remember that social media life is not real life and that we are all individuals with important things to offer each other in this life.

If we seek to find the best in others and not let others who seek to find fault in us win, then perhaps we can share in behaviors that are meant to keep problems away.

For more on the benefits to mental health through physical health in education, click here.

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