Teaching Strategies

Get all the help you need with our tips for improving teaching strategies! Our strategies include lesson plans for teachers, teaching advice for pre-service teachers, as well a blog dedicated to sharing thoughts on the journey through teaching. The strategies we share are meant to inspire teachers whether they teach inside the traditional classroom or in the online classroom.

Classroom Management vs. Discipline

middle school classroom

Classroom Management vs. Discipline – What is the difference? What is the difference between classroom management and discipline? In this article we look at the relationship between classroom management and discipline in K-12 education, and why it is important to understand the  difference between the them. At the end of this article consider signing up to receive …

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Discipline Strategies

discipline strategies

What Discipline Strategies Work Best In The Classroom Why is it  important for teachers to introduce discipline measures to students on the first day of classes? Discipline doesn’t have to be a scary word for students when teachers introduce measures in the right way. As part of the overall approach to classroom management, discipline strategies should focus on …

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Classroom Management

classroom management strategies

Classroom Management Strategies For Every Stage And Place When it comes to classroom management in education, what helps make for effective strategies for every stage and place in education? In this article we look at classroom management strategies for three main levels in education, primary, middle, and high school levels.  We also look at classroom …

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Language Development

language development

Language Development | How To Promote It In Any Classroom When it comes to language development in education, skill recognition is fundamental to teaching and learning, however the question that remains is: which skill is the foundation upon which all others are formed? The four important language skills are: listening, reading, speaking, and writing. In …

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Lesson Plans For Teachers

lesson plans for teachers

Lesson Plans for Teachers | A 7-Point Checklist How can teachers create effective lesson plans that their students will remember for years to come? Students will over the years, remember teachers more for how they made them feel, over what the teacher taught them.  However, if this teacher was amazing at teaching, there are some lessons students will …

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Pre-Service Teachers

pre-service teacher

Pre-Service Teachers | 5 Points To Building Confidence If someone is curious about teaching in today’s society, what are some important points to know? Note: teachers in the training stages are commonly referred to as first-year or pre-service teachers.  In this article we look at sharing important recommendations with pre-service teachers on how to master …

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Teachers & Online Learning

teaching online

Teachers and Online Learning | How To Survive It Does effective teaching only happen in the traditional, face-to-face classroom? In this article we look at seven (7) ways teachers can make teaching (and learning) in the online classroom more interesting, educational, and not to mention, enjoyable.  We also include a link to our recommend list …

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