Teaching Strategies

Get all the help you need with our tips for improving teaching strategies! Our strategies include lesson plans for teachers, teaching advice for pre-service teachers, as well a blog dedicated to sharing thoughts on the journey through teaching. The strategies we share are meant to inspire teachers whether they teach inside the traditional classroom or in the online classroom.

Differentiated Instruction in the Classroom

differentiation in the classroom

How Differentiated Instruction in the Classroom Helps Learning Watch the Video What does differentiated instruction mean, and how can it help with teaching and learning? In this article, we look to answer this question by providing five methods teachers can use to make learning easier for students. Differentiated instruction means offering students varying options to …

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Behavior Strategies in the Classroom

sitting in the classroom

How to Establish Positive Behavior Strategies in the Classroom What approaches to behavior  are effective in the classroom? Behavior in the classroom is a vital part of safety to all in the classroom.  In this article we look at presenting alternative approaches to behavior strategies in K -12 education and offer a free downloadable resource for …

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How to Increase Student Participation

student participation

How to Increase Student Participation – By Asking Better Questions How can asking better questions increase student participation in the classroom?  In this article we attempt to provide the kinds of answers teachers will be happy with.  And we all know… When teachers are happy, students are really happy! Asking questions to keep students interested …

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Classroom Management vs. Discipline


Classroom Management vs. Discipline – What is the difference? Watch the Video What is the difference between classroom management and discipline? In this article we look at the relationship between classroom management and discipline in K-12 education, and why it is important to understand the  difference between the them. In the classroom, students don’t often think about …

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Discipline Strategies and Learning

discipline strategies in the classroom

How Effective Discipline Strategies in the Classroom Help With Learning Watch the Video Why is it  important for teachers to introduce discipline measures to students on the first day of classes? Discipline doesn’t have to be a scary word for students when teachers introduce measures in the right way and help to build good teacher-student relationships. …

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Classroom Management & Learning

classroom management strategies

Classroom Management Strategies For Learning Watch the Video When it comes to classroom management in education, what helps make for effective strategies for every stage and place in education? In this article we look at classroom management strategies for three main levels in education, primary, middle, and high school levels.  We also look at classroom …

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