General Learning Tips

EduKitchen – Recipes for Learning shares with teachers and students general recipes for success in the forms of tips and strategies to maintain their level of enthusiasm and confidence with important subjects in school such as Math and English. We look at confidence and enthusiasm, along with patience as the “main ingredients” for success in teaching and learning any subject. Students also need to understand that patience is important to help building the proper emotions in learning, so that they do not get frustrated and stop learning. Teachers provide the necessary means of support to allow students the time they need to understand and complete activities related to learning the material. Teachers and students work together to build a healthy learning environment that students will grow to appreciate for years to come.

Gender differences in the Classroom

gender differences

Gender Differences in the Classroom – The Benefits to Teaching and Learning How can an understanding of gender differences in the classroom help with teaching and learning?  In this article we aim to explore the topics of gender differences, what sort of differences are there when it comes to learning, and how understanding these differences …

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English Language Learning

social emotional learning online

English Language Learning – 5 Websites Worth Your Time! When it comes to language learning in education, what should educators, homeschool parents, and students look for in choosing the right resources? Nowadays resources for learning tend to be found on the Internet since it makes for easier access and in sharing with others. In this …

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Educational Strategies

change focus in education

Educational Strategies – 5 Reasons To Focus on One Strategy Which educational strategies should teachers use to help students achieve success in school? In this article, we look to provide teachers with strategies in education that will help students build critical thinking skills with one important shift in focus in teaching and learning. For teachers, …

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Recipes For Learning

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What Are Recipes for Learning? The 7 Skills Important for Learning When it comes to studying, most students find it difficult to put together a strategy that helps them succeed with learning.  EduKitchen asks ; Why not look at strategies for success in learning, as building  ‘recipes’ for success with learning? In this article Edukitchen offers a …

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