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When we combine the tools for education, with recipes for success we get EduKitchen - Recipes for Learning. Read more about EduKitchen below. We offer unique approaches to teaching and learning in education when it comes to motivating teachers, students, and parents in reaching their educational goals.

Danya Khelfa, Founder of EduKitchen

Our Commitment to Education

Learn more about EduKitchen and how we value the importance of teachers, students, and parents. Throughout our website we work towards building educational knowledge by sharing our educational services, blogs, and resources on various topics in education with teachers in mind. Sign up to receive our weekly newsletter to stay informed on our latest articles benefiting teachers in education.

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Teachers in Education

The value teachers bring to the classroom is of such importance to students and parents that it must be recognized. At EduKitchen we provide support teachers are looking for when it comes to all the necessary changes and challenges that come with changing times in education. Read a few of our highlighted posts below and visit our teacher blogs page that offers much needed support teachers are looking for in managing the varying aspects of teacher life! 

Student Learning

At EduKitchen we believe students are our future and helping them to get the best education is our goal. Read a few of our highlighted posts below and visit our student blogs page that provides the inspiration for students to find recipes for success with studying subjects such as maths or english and enjoying student life! 

Online Learning and Parents

Parents can support their children achieve their educational goals by being a support system to both their children and their teachers when it comes to overcoming any issues that may arise from challenging situations such as learning online. How can parents help support the change to online learning? Visit our parents blog page and our resources page to see the different ways parents can offer their support to their children in this new learning environment.

Test Preparation

Our personal tutors are ready to connect with English language learners to help improve their English language skills. Our 1 hour online tutoring sessions will offer support to English language learners through language skills training. We provide sessions to help with building language skills needed for studying or for working specifically when it comes to preparing to take English tests such as the IELTS, TOEFL or SAT. Visit our international test preparation page to learn more!

EduKitchen on YouTube

We created our own YouTube channel to share educational playlists of videos that may benefit schools and teacher training programs, as well as homeschooling parents. Learn more about EduKitchen as we discuss important topics such as Maths, mental health and identities, as well as general teaching and learning strategies. Watch our videos at school or simply from the comfort of your own home, and subscribe to our YouTube channel – Edukitchen – Educational – Recipes for Learning.

Connect with EduKitchen

 Once you have decided which online service you would like (see below), contact EduKitchen by clicking the button below to send us your request. One of our teacher representatives will contact you with further details and service agreements.

Visit our services page to learn all the services we offer to teachers, students and parents.

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