Online Learning Strategies

EduKitchen teachers are here to support teachers, parents, and students globally by providing tips and online learning strategies they can use to navigate teaching and learning in the virtual classroom, and in turn greatly improve their enthusiasm and confidence using educational tools. Parents may also need to be aware of how online learning should be approached and dealt with to overcome any challenges to learning itself. Online learning, has its advantages, but students have to find the emotional strength to get through the challenges it brings. EduKitchen believes that educational (EDTech) tools, when used accurately can help to keep both students and teachers engaged in the learning and teaching processes. Read on to find a list of the popular EdTech tools and how to best incorporate these tools in the online classroom to maintain high levels of confidence and enthusiasm for teachers and students alike!

Online Learning Resources

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Online Learning Resources – 5 Fun Websites Every Class Needs When it comes to online learning in education, what should educators, homeschooling parents, and students look for in choosing resources that will make reinforcing learning fun? In this article we list 5 fun and educational based websites teachers, home schooling parents, and even students can benefit from, …

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5 Popular EdTech Tools

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Five Popular EdTech Tools For Online Learning What popular EdTech tools help teachers and students stay focused and motivated in the online classroom? In this article we discuss tools that may help teachers and students stay focused and motivated in the online classroom and reduce “learning loss”. At the end of this article, you can …

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Engage Students With Online Learning

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Engage Students With Online Learning | Ten Tips for Success Why is it hard for some students to engage with online learning? In this article we look at 10 tips teachers can share with students to cope online learning.  These tips will help to encourage students to stay active in the online class and to …

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