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The ETI Academy presents educational videos on various topics important to education. Topics in this category include; videos related to understanding how to approach math teaching and learning, mental health topics in education, identities for both teachers and students in the classroom and how they relate to mental health, and the concept of social emotional learning and why it is important to recognize it in the math classroom. The videos presented are meant as introductions to the topic and a means for teachers, students and parents to better understand the impacts these topics have in education.

10 Ways to Engage Students With Learning Online

online learning in the online classroom

The 10 tips we present in this article aim to help encourage students to stay active in the online class and make learning online more interesting, beneficial, and not to mention, enjoyable!  Top 10 Tips for Improving Student Engagement in the Online Classroom Why is it hard for some students to engage with online learning? …

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Social Emotional Learning in the Math Classroom

math and social emotional learning

In this article we discuss how social emotional learning (SEL) can be beneficial to learning, especially with math learning, by looking at how certain emotions can greatly benefit or upset learning, especially in the math classroom.  How to Use Social Emotional Learning with Math Social emotional learning (SEL) has only recently become a hot topic …

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