In this article we look at helping you decide how to meet your educational goals for college at home or abroad.

How to Meet Your Educational Goals For College

Most colleges look for academic tests such as the TOEFL, IELTS, or SAT as part of gaining entry into the college.

We look help you meet your educational goals when deciding which test is best for you in meeting these goals.

We suggest 5 points to compare the when deciding which test may provide the best return on investment (ROI) for you.

The 5 points are:

  • location
  • finances
  • use of the English language
  • transferable skills
  • success rate in passing the test

Download your  free copy of this comparison chart (see below) between all three tests for future reference.

test comparison chart

Before we get into the points concerning these tests, let’s consider the grammar needed for each tests, and how best we can build our grammar as a means to prepare.

Building Grammar for the English Language Tests

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Now that you have a full grasp on all the grammar you will ever need to find success on any of these English language tests, we can continue.

Note: This article will focus on the 3 popular tests known to international and local students looking to advance their educational goals in academics in studying abroad.

 For people looking to gain employment  or entrance (through visa) to English speaking countries without the intent to first study, the IELTS general or life skills tests are the more appropriate choice)

Click here for more information on the IELTS general or life skills tests

Five Points to Consider When Choosing Which Test is Best

We now look at the 5 points to consider when choosing which test is best for you and your educational goals.

After watching the video, you should hopefully be able to answer the question as to which test is better (for you) TOEFL or IELTS or SAT! 


Some students know early on where they would like to continue their studies. If one of the main educational goals is choosing a university based on geographical location, then it is best to be aware of the required test.

educational goals


The TOEFL iBT test is known internationally and is the most widely accepted test in all countries for both undergraduate and post-graduate studies for students looking to study at an English based university.


The IELTS (academic) test is required for studying in the United Kingdom and Europe. However, recently a greater number of universities in the United States, Canada, and Australia are beginning to accept IELTS scores for undergraduate and postgraduate studies.


The SAT 1 test is for both local and international students to gain admissions into American  university settings. It is also accepted in Canadian universities, as well as a handful of international universities.

The SAT 2 (or SAT subject tests – which are, as of 2021 being replaced by CLEP) are also required for admission by international students to universities and colleges in the United States.

Note: The college board will no longer offer SAT 2 (subject tests) after June 2021.

For more information on this change click here.


If  your educational goals are to study in a specific university or country when on a budget, then it is best to do some research.

privacy policy


The SAT 1 test is free for students studying in American high schools (or international students studying at high schools abroad that have received American accreditation).

It is the cheapest of the three  tests international students can take. While the most prestige universities in America rank the importance of SAT scores above TOEFL scores, most international students cannot gain admission based on SAT scores alone. They must also take the TOEFL test as part of the admissions processes.

Click here to see the fees associated with the SAT test from the College board


The costs associated with  taking the TOEFL test varies from country to country, but is generally thought to be less expensive than the IELTS test.

For more information on the cost of taking the TOEFL test click here.

For more information on the cost of taking the IELTS test click here.


Most students approach taking these English tests  with the single educational goal of achieving that all important high score. One of the down sides to standardized testing is that actual learning is lost and the main focus is a score.

connection to real world

Students do not prepare for a test like the TOEFL with the mindset of how can I improve my English skills, but with the mindset, I need to reach this score!

When students shift their focus on how the test will benefit their learning of English language skills instead of focusing just on a number, then they may score higher on tests such as TOEFL and IELTS.


Both these tests are formatted in similar structures. The focus is on the 4 language skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. The formats vary in purpose and the way in which the semantics of the language are presented.

IELTS Test Outline

For a more detailed look at the format of each test click here to visit our international test preparation page.

Students have stated that the IELTS test is generally easier to take than the TOEFL test. Generally this statement of the IELTS being easier is on the assumption that you can score higher on the IELTS test than on the TOEFL test.

The TOEFL test does put the emphasis on how the English language is used instead of mainly focusing on the semantics of the English language like students are used to seeing in the classroom.

Perhaps then this is why students claim that the TOEFL test is harder than the IELTS


Currently the SAT test is all multiple choice and there is no opportunity for students to express thought now considering that the SAT Essay, which was optional in the past, will also become unavailable after June 2021.

SAT TEST Outline


What are some examples of transferable skills that relate to taking standardized tests? Some examples include; verbal and written communication as well as creativity, adaptability, and time management.

writing essays


With the format of both TOEFL and IELTS there are room for improving all these above mentioned transferable skills especially with the active skills of speaking and writing.

Both the IELTS and TOEFL afford test takers the opportunity to be creative with their verbal and written communication skills when answering the “independent” or “open-ended” questions in both speaking and writing parts of the test.

Since the SAT is strictly multiple choice, the adaptability, and creativity will be hidden from actual site, but will need to be in the form of how to approach choosing the correct answer.

Success In Passing The Test

Why should students look at the success rate of others when it comes to passing these tests? How is this information relevant to the individual test taker?

When considering which test is best, it is good to gain some perspective on how others view these tests. The general perception among test takers is that the IETLS is easier because of the format of each section, plus it is a shorter test than the TOEFL.

which test is best

However, It is more important to consider which format you feel more comfortable with. It starts with understanding the different formats of each test, and what you can expect from questions on the test. Recognize how to approach answering different kinds of questions to improve your success rate in passing the test.

The changing times have allowed for a rise in other English tests available for international persons (Duolingo) as a means to enter colleges or universities worldwide.

Click here for more information on DuoLingo tests and which colleges and universities accept these test results

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Final Thoughts…

Test preparation  and time are important when preparing to take the test. Practice answering sample questions from each section of the test, and learn important tips and strategies needed when answering the different kinds of questions.

Most important however is how you have benefited from preparing to take one of these tests, because in the end what really matters is not the score, but you.

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