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Math Resources - 3 Informative and Worthwhile Websites

When it comes to finding the right math resources in education, which websites provide the support needed to gain the confidence when teaching or learning maths?

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In this article we list 3 important websites teachers, homeschoolng parents, and even students can benefit from in helping to gain confidence in teaching and learning mathematics.

A free guide on how Math teachers and students can work together to build Math confidence is available for download at the end of this article. 

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Building Confidence in Math

Building confidence in learning math comes only after students have come to believe in themselves and that they are capable of solving problems in math.

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Students can build confidence by acknowledging what they know and then building on knowledge they already have to gain the necessary confidence to move out of their comfort zome.

Emotions Connected to Math Learning

In order for teachers to help students build their confidence in math, the negative emotions attached to learning needs to be acknowledged as well.

math resources

To change negative emotions into positive ones when it comes to math learning, teachers and students should show how math is found in everyday life, as well as consider playing fun games in the classroom or online.

Math learning resources can help support math learning both inside and outside the classroom. Parents can help with setting up these resources to help support their children with building enthusiasm for learning math.

Math Learning Resources

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We now introduce to you three valuable websites that help with math learning!

This website provides resources for school aged children from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade. For extra support with math learning, consider IXL – English Language.

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An easy to navigate website means you can find easy and fun math games for kids to play at school or at home. 

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Currently the website targets ages for kids in grades Kindergarten through to grade 8. Enjoy learning while playing fun and exciting games for your brain!

In looking for tools to enhance learning through visually appealing means in math, EduKitchen recommends GeoGebra . This online learning tool is a visually appealing and interactive math tool representing topics ranging from middle school levels all the way through to university. 

geogebra image

Learn geometry, algebra, statistics, and calculus by setting up the formulas and inputing the data to get instant results!

Final Thoughts..

These three websites are just some of the ways teachers and students can work together to build math confidence. At EduKitchen we recognize the value emotions have when it comes math that can stay with a person for the rest of their life..

Math Teachers and Students

Click to download your free educational guide as to how Math teachers and students can work together to build Math confidence.

When teachers work together with students to work through their emotions and focus on the learning can truly begin. Click on the free download to get an educational guide to building math confidence. 

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