Mental Health

Mental health topics in education are vital to enhancing the learning experience.

Physical Health In Education

Healthy bodies

Physical Health In Education; The 5 Benefits Bodies Bring to Minds Why is it important to have students maintain a connection between physical health and mental health? In this article we look at the 5 reasons why keeping up our physical health is important for our mental health.  A free guide to the benefits physical health …

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Student Identity

Student Identity and Mental Health

Student Identity in the Online Classroom How does the online classroom affect students’ ability to learn? In this article we attempt to answer this question by looking at intrinsic and extrinsic factors that may affect students’ ability to learn in the online classroom. Intrinsic factors include confidence and self-efficacy, both of which help to establish …

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Teacher Identity

Teacher Identity and Mental Health

Teacher Identity in the Online Classroom How can teachers recognize their identity in the online classroom?  In this article we look at the meaning behind teacher identity, its connection to self efficacy, and the challenges to mental health.  Teacher identity: is a set of beliefs, values, and commitments that an individual connects towards being a teacher. …

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Recipes For Learning

kitchen inspires education

What Are Recipes for Learning? The 7 Skills Important for Learning When it comes to studying, most students find it difficult to put together a strategy that helps them succeed with learning.  EduKitchen asks ; Why not look at strategies for success in learning, as building  ‘recipes’ for success with learning? In this article Edukitchen offers a …

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Social Emotional Learning

social emotional learning

Social Emotional Learning – 7 Benefits To Including It In The Classroom How important of a role does social emotional learning play into the classroom? In this article we discuss how social emotional learning (SEL) can be beneficial to learning, especially with math learning, by looking at how certain emotions can greatly benefit or upset …

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