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5 Popular EdTech Tools

Five Popular EdTech Tools For Online Learning

What popular EdTech tools help teachers and students stay focused and motivated in the online classroom?

In this article we discuss tools that may help teachers and students stay focused and motivated in the online classroom and reduce “learning loss”.

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Incorporating Effective EdTech Tools

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In light of the  growth of education technology (EdTech tools for remote learning) available online, we look at which of these 5 tools best help make the transition to online classrooms easier for both teachers and students.  

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The Impact Of Online Learning

Online learning comes with its challenges. Student engagement is tested more in the online classroom. 

However, in light of this, teachers and students must continue to build their enthusiasm and confidence with being in the online classroom.

In the traditional classroom, students can feel their enthusiasm for learning building by using “hands-on” manipulatives as part of the learning process. 

In the online classroom, the “hands-on” manipulatives need to be replaced with equally engaging virtual learning tools.

How Do EdTech Tools Help With Online Learning?

EdTech tools can help students and teachers alike build their enthusiasm and confidence when it comes to improving their technology skills. 

online classroom

Education technology is now part of the standard curriculum in schools and will continue to be for years to come. 

Five EdTech Tools Every Online Classroom Needs

We now present our recommendation for the best edtech tools for remote learning.

I. The Right Meeting Platform

Meeting platforms like Zoom, Google Meets, Google Classroom, and MS Teams, now offer easy and ready to use means to help teachers and students with this new virtual environment.

online management tools

The basic outline for all meeting platforms is that they allow for easy communication between teachers and students in setting of meeting times.

II. Virtual Breakout Rooms

One thing lacking in the online classroom is the idea of group work. This is where “virtual breakout rooms” comes in. 

Using breakout rooms encourages students to discuss amongst themselves ideas for presentations or topics in class. 

boy learning online

These also allow for teachers to make announcements about classroom activities, or create assignments for students to complete and easily hand in. 

III. Virtual White Boards

The idea of  ‘virtual white board” means that teachers and students can communicate ideas as they see them in front of the class. Students can actively participate when the teacher allows them to use the “annotate” feature to write or mark down their answers.

virtual white board

Using the annotate feature can greatly improve the level of communication between teachers and students and can encourage students to take more control over their learning.

IV. Online Grade Books

Easily fill grade books to allow for students to continually track their success with the subject. 

social emotional learning online

Online grade books are an opportunity for students to ask for real time help from their teachers instead of waiting until certain times throughout the year to discuss improving their grades.

Here now are our recommended edtech tools that should be part of every online classroom.

It’s important to communicate to students just how important it is to maintain their level of enthusiasm and confidence when it comes to learning in this new virtual classroom. 

offer to help teacher

V. Online Interactive Learning Tools

Popular EdTech tools like Kahoot!, Quizzizz, and Quizlet, allow for teacher and student engagement in any subject to increase. 

online learning resources
Teachers or students can create quizzes as ways to test knowledge while hopefully building the confidence and enthusiasm needed as part of the learning or teaching process.

Bonus EdTech Tools

With the COVID pandemic stopping most outdoor activities in 2020, virtual field trips can be an exciting opportunity for students to explore different parts of the world from the comfort of their own home. 

virtual field trips

Freedom Homeschooling is a website that provides links to “virtual field trips”. Links found on the website allows for teachers and students to connect to popular tourists sites, and a chance to take a tour at any time! 

 Visit the White House, Buckingham Palace, or the Palace of Versailles to get a sense of royal life!  

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Final Thoughts...

To keep students feeling like the kings and queens of the virtual classroom for generations to come, it is important to use the right education technology tools you as teachers know students will enjoy.

breakout rooms

Online presentation tools like Google Slides, PowerPoint online, KeyNote, OneNote, and Prezi, are opportunities for students and teachers to present material in the online classroom. 

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