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Laughter and Learning

Laughter and Learning - 5 Ways Comedy Strengthens Education

Is there any connection between laughter and learning, and should there be comedy in the classroom?

We at EduKitchen believe the answer is yes, and we hope you do as well! 

In this article we look at the five benefits to providing students with a chance to enjoy a little comedy in the classroom. 

Building Retention In Learning Through Comedy

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Writing down our emotions in a journal helps with not only acknowledging that we are going through different emotions, but can inspire ideas for laughter, since this is the emotion that most people love!  

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Laughter is one means of keeping us healthy both mentally and physically. We know that when we care for our health, we care for education as well. 

When used effectively by teachers and students in the classroom, comedic timing can add value to education and educational strategies used by teachers and students. 

It can help build enthusiasm and confidence in having both teachers and students gain new appreciation for the educational goals they are working towards when they work together.

Check out this short video on the benefits laughter brings to the classroom.

How Can Laughter Help With Learning?

In finding ways to connect with their students, teachers can share personal experiences that may bring comfort and laughter and learning to their students in the classroom! 

When teachers provide students with a chance to show they can relate to how they (the students) feel about a particular situation, it in itself brings a smile to both teachers and students alike! 

teacher jokes

We share with teachers and students now the five benefits (through our own comic gallery) to including a little laughter and learning in any classroom.

#1: Connects Us Through Shared Experiences

How many of us have ever been in the situation where we simply forgot to do what we had to do? 

Laughter helps learning when it allows for connections to happen through shared and relatable experiences. These connections can be to the teacher, or the material, or to both! 

teacher student relationships
Learning is better with smile!

When teachers share their experiences with their students, it allows their students to feel a connection to a shared experience. 

is math really that hard

Rather than stress about a common mistake we have or could possibly make in the Math classroom, why just use a little comedy to help handle it! 

#2: Helps Us Improve Memory Skills

It’s a good thing when we can recognize that what we learn in school helps us in the real world. 

Our memory skills are improved when we associate emotions to what we learn and remember. 

When we include a little laughter and learning in our daily routine in school, we help to build and improve our memory skills. 

laughter and learning
Laughter makes math learning more fun!

Building our memory skills helps us to recall and respond to others. These others may be trying to test our memory skills, but we can show them that we are on to their test, and can pass it with flying colors!  

This is where the comedy lies! 

educational math videos to improve your math skills

Math in the real world, and the best way to respond to someone who thinks they can outsmart you! 

#3: Allows Us To Build Confidence In Ourselves

When we learn from past mistakes it helps to build confidence in our abilities. The confidence we build can help us to believe in ourselves. 

teacher confidence online
Teaching online is easier with a smile!

When we use this belief to start to help others, we can enjoy a common goal. This common goal brings forth a connection that can bring laughter when mentioned at the right time!

 Every teacher who has now learned the joy of online teaching can relate to our comic below pointing out how important it can be to have the right materials ready for class, not to mention the hope that their students can properly use their online educational tools! 

teacher identity

Building confidence can do wonders for how teachers and students see themselves in the classroom. 

How teachers and students see themselves is referred to identities. Both students and teachers can used their identities to help overcome challenges to building their confidence. 

#4: Encourages Us To Learn In New Ways

Learning doesn’t have to always take a serious approach. In certain unexpected situations make for great opportunities for “teachable” moments. These moments often involve humor. 

share experiences connect us all
How EduKitchen services gets you noticed!

Knowing when to use laughter to make a topic more interesting and engaging is a secret tools that teachers often use to make learning any topic more interesting.  Take, for example, our comic below that looks at improving your writing skills!

writing support

Enjoy building your confidence after reading our comic that looks at improving your writing skills!

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#5: Builds Enthusiasm For Teaching and Learning

When we look at taking in consideration our first four benefits, we see that we are more connected to others in the classroom. 

These shared experiences, belief in our own abilities, help us to become better at communicating with others, and in building own our confidence with speaking. 

laughter and learning
Enjoy the day with comics from EduKitchen!

Our enthusiasm for teaching and learning grows when we are able to enjoy what we are teaching or learning, and so making laughter part of the daily activities in the classroom can benefit everyone! We hope to brighten your day with our EduKitchen comics below!

EduKitchen Comics To Inspire Laughter In Your Day

We started EduKitchen Comics to share with you comics that reflect situations that we can all relate to in our lives, and in doing so may make you smile!

Parents can encourage their children’s learning when they allow a little laughter to take over as a means of coping with learning online

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