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Our teacher blogs work to support teachers in establishing their new roles (both in the traditional classroom and now in the online classroom), and in how they can be the best versions of themselves so that they can continue to help inspire our children of future generations. We provide teachers with the support for dealing with issues such as the online classroom, as well as finding new and innovative ways to teaching traditional subjects.

Danya Khelfa, Founder of EduKitchen

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My Choice

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Highlighted Posts

Effective teaching strategies look for ways to make teaching and learning easier for both teachers and students.  What does it mean to be more effective? It means that the objectives teachers set for learning are easily understood by the students. Strategies in our educational blogs are shown through lesson planning, classroom management, and assessments 

Teaching and Learning

Excellent teachers, who are memorable for what they do will tell you that in this profession the learning never stops. It is important that we as teachers recognize that we should never stop learning. When teachers open their minds to learning from those around them, we gain the valuable knowledge and experience to share with others through teaching.

Teacher Advice

Our teacher blogs posts reflect lessons learned through gained through teaching. By teachers sharing knowledge and experiences gained with other teachers, it brings forth a sense of connection, communication, and belonging that can move to strength our passion for teaching and helping others!

Teaching Online

Being effective with teaching online, means we look for ways to keep students focused and participating during the class, as well as ways to introduce topics to students using effective online resources for remote learning.

Teaching Math

In being effective with teaching maths EduKitchen presents ways to understand how important emotions and communication are to math learning. As teachers it is important to recognize if anxiety is building in students when it comes to math, and how best to overcome any negative emotions to help improve learning and help build math skills.

Educational Resources

Educational web resources make learning fun and easy for students, teachers, and homeschooling parents. No need to reinvent the wheel when there are great resources to help facilitate learning. Click to learn more about tried and tested online educational resources recommended by EduKitchen! Not sure which educational resources can be helpful to your child in the online classroom? Visit our online educational resources page to learn more! Once you have read through our teacher blogs, consider signing up to take advantage of our online educational services. 

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