In the changing landscape of education, the homeschool classroom has emerged as a space where policies and practices directly impact the learning experiences of students.

As the educational landscape continues to evolve, five critical topics have come to the forefront, shaping the way homeschooling is approached and regulated.

In this article, we highlight these “hot topics” that play a significant role in influencing education policies and parents as teachers in the homeschool setting.

From teaching online to lesson planning these topics underscore the intersection between homeschooling and broader educational policies, influencing the educational journey of countless students learning from the comfort of their homes.

Some of the topics covered in this article include;

  • Teaching Online
  • Differentiation in the classroom
  •  Teacher – Student Relationships
  • Classroom Management
  • Lesson Planning

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Raising Self-Awareness among Teachers

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Educational Policy and Homeschooling Parents

In the changing world of education, parents play an important role as the bridge between evolving educational policies and the day-to-day learning experiences of their children.

This connection is dynamic, as parents stuggle with the impact of policies that shape curriculum choices, assessment methods, and the overall educational environment.

Parents are integral partners in the implementation and evolution of educational policies.

This vital relationship underscores the crucial need for effective communication and collaboration between policymakers and parents to ensure a harmonious and enriching educational journey for every student.

parents and online learning

How Can Homeschooling Parents Benefit From Sharing Experiences?

When parents share teaching experiences, they can take away from it many lessons such as; what to do or what not to do if we come across a similar situation.

It also brings a sense of togetherness when we describe situations and emotions that we feel in such situations, and most importantly that we are not alone in feeling such emotions!

This helps to bring about healthy minds and allow parents as teachers to become more mindful when it comes to their emotional needs as well as the needs of their children.

Now on to the topics we think parents as teachers can relate to!

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I. Teaching Online

It must be said that anyone who thinks teaching online is comparable to the traditional classroom is (a) not a teacher, and (b) has never been asked to teach online.

That being said, those of us who have experienced being thrown in the deep end with transitioning to teaching online and survived to talk (and blog about it) can safely say that this environment for teaching and learning can be beneficial if used correctly.

Stay positive! It’s not the environment that has been difficult, it has been the fact that it was such a quick transition to this environment that has caused the angst. Read that again.

When teachers become comfortable teaching in any new environment, their belief in their abilities returns and students reap the benefits their teacher brings to the class.

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II. Differentiation in the Classroom

This is what teachers need to remember when it seems like everything is against them.

Small changes in education began with how the school system values its teachers. Teachers plant seeds in students when it comes to valuing their learning. This means teachers form invaluable impressions on their students. Let us then value all teachers do to help students reach their educational goals.

The differences in student abilities with learning may seem overwhelming, but with certain approaches teachers may benefit all students.

Differentiation in teaching means that teachers set up different expectations for certain students in reaching their academic goals.

It may be simple in terms of showing level of understanding and how well students are able to demonstrate knowledge.

For example, certain students need to show 3 ways to demonstrate knowledge, while more advanced students are asked to show 5 ways to demonstrate knowledge.

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III. Teacher – Student Relationshihps

Teacher – student relationships help benefit learning.

The nature of the relationship between teachers and students have lasting impacts on students for the rest of their lives.

All students can remember at least one teacher they liked in school and one teacher they absolutely did not like. The absolute reality therefore is that students don’t learn from those that they don’t like!

Teachers we can find the right balance between getting students to like us and sharing the knowledge they need to succeed by being transparent with students, admitting when you make a mistake, and by being able to find the right time to make an observation that gets everyone to smile and laugh.

After all, make someone laugh and you have a friend for life.

But, is it more important to get students to like you as a teacher than it is to impart valuable knowledge? 

The answer is no, but it is knowing when to value one more than the other.

When it seems like the students need to have an emotional conversation, don’t overlook this opportunity to share knowledge!

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IV. Classroom Management

Classroom management is a team effort!

It doesn’t have to be the sole responsibility of the teacher! It is best to have the students involved in the management process.

This means have the students share their voice when it comes to routines, rewards, and consequences that all members in the class must abide by.

Teachers will find that when students are active participants in managing the class, things run much more smoothly, and it’s an opportunity to maximize teaching and learning so everyone wins.

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V. Lesson Planning

Lesson plans are meant to be thrown out!


Just keep reading…

Is lesson planning worth the time it takes to make one come to fruition? 

Absolutely! That’s because once we make the plans, we have the opportunity in class to throw it out (or tweak it) if a better opportunity comes along.

What do we mean as a better opportunity?

We mean a teachable moment that wasn’t part of your lesson plan!

Don’t let these moments pass you or your students by! These are sometimes the most valuable lessons during the school year.

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Final Thoughts…

One reason I founded EduKitchen was to share with fellow teachers my experience in the hopes that it makes things easier for other teahers.

It takes someone special to be a teacher because of what this career means to not only teachers, but to students and their parents.

The work we do outside the classroom means that teachers make these sacrifices to help make their students succeed.

Nowadays the Internet seems to show others that they can learn anything without the help of teachers, but in truth teachers bring much more than just information, they bring the belief in their students that they can accomplish anything they put their mind to!

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