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How Should I Prepare for the SAT Test?

In this article we help you answer this question by offering you free test preparation videos as well as links to helpful websites and our ebook resource that may benefit you in achieving your educational goals.

How to Prepare for the SAT

The ETI Academy is here to show you all you need to succeed.

What does the SAT mean?

The word SAT stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test. It is administered by the College Board in the United States of America. It is an American based test.

The SAT Outline

The image below outlines the basic format of the test.  The best test preparation strategies when preparing to take the SAT is to understand the outline of the test, the format of the questions, and the grammar needed to respond to the questions. 

SAT TEST Outline

Preparing for the SAT with the ETI Academy

We present test preparation videos as well as recommended resources that highlight important test taking strategies when taking the SAT.

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Navigate Each Section of the SAT Test

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Achieve Success With Our SAT Test Preparation Videos!

The videos below include general overviews of both sections,  tips on how to prepare for each section, and what to expect on test day. 

 After watching the videos, visit the recommended websites below to see available resources and books you can use to further prepare for the test. 

SAT Evidence Based Reading and Writing Sections

This video presents a general overview of the SAT 1 Evidence based reading and writing sections of the exam. 

It will also provide SAT test prep tips on how to understand question categories in each of the sections of the exam, along with general test prep tips on how to handle test questions.

SAT Math Section: Calculator vs. No Calculator

.How much should you depend on you calculator? The SAT Math section contains two sections; Calculator Math and No Calculator Math. 

This video presents a general overview of the entire exam. It will also provide SAT test prep tips on how to understand question categories in each of the sections of the exam, along with general tips on how to solve test questions.

How Long Should You Prepare for The SAT?

The college board recommends you give yourself 6 to 20 hours preparation time before taking the test.  You should also consider a 4 hour practice test to figure out which sections you need to prepare longer for.

Now that you have watched our self-directed videos on the best self-guided strategies to preparing for the SAT, should you continue to go at it alone, or should you get help with preparing for the test?

Consider PrepScholar for Top SAT Results

In order to give yourself a better sense of direction when it comes to your progress in understanding each section of the SAT, EduKitchen recommends signing up for professional support with PrepScholar.  

Investing in your SAT preparation strategies will bring great rewards to your university career. The scores you get on the SAT will help you reach in being accepted into your dream university!

PrepScholar offers online support and resources that will show you first hand the format of the SAT questions and how you should approach answering the questions, in terms of what to look for in answering the questions. 

Not sure if you should sign up? Try it for free first! You can also sign up for a free consultation to ask more questions!

SAT Test Preparation Books and Web Resources

If you do choose to go at it on your own, there are many test preparation books available to help with studying for the SAT. We provide links to the most comprehensive list of SAT books, and direct resources, to help compare and make a decision as to which book is best for you.

The following website highlights some of the more popular SAT study guide books available to purchase. Click on the image to visit the website. 

Useful SAT Test Preparation Websites

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