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Academic Support for Your Learning Needs

Let EduKitchen educational consulting services help you reach your educational goals by providing you the right academic support or consultations for your learning needs.

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Below you will find more detailed information on each of the tests highlighted on this page. Our goal is to help you find the strategies that work best for your specific learning needs. Visit our YouTube channel to see how we can help with understanding how to approach math learning and write those essays you need for school! We also offer academic videos on preparing to take tests of English.

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Tutoring in Maths or Writing

Students looking for assistance with understanding assigned homework in Maths or English learning, writing, or editing support needs can contact us with their requests for assistance. 

When you are ready for us to look at your assignments, click to learn more about how to register and how to provide us with the necessary information. 

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ESL Test Preparation

Our 1 hour tutoring sessions will offer language support improve your English language skills when preparing for tests such as IELTS, TOEFL or SAT. 

Click to visit our  learn more as to how you can request an English language tutoring session.

Teacher Professional Development

Working with a personalized consultant may help to give the teacher a better understanding of the some of the best approaches in applying educational strategies. 

Personal consultants can also help build a positive mindset when it comes to teaching.

Our educational consultants work to support teachers with reaching their educational goals. 

Pricing Details

Do online consulting or tutoring services really help with learning success?

Our online educational services include; free test preparation courses on English language tests, consulting services for teachers, tutoring services for students, and real-time tutoring sessions for English language learners. To stay informed on all our promotional offers with our services, we recommend you sign up to receive our weekly newsletter. 

 Our answer is yes it does! We believe with the right attitude towards learning will be worth the time, effort, and cost. 

Our pricing varies based on request. Please contact us with your choice of request for either consulting or tutoring services and  we will respond with our pricing guides. Click to learn more.

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