Homeschooling is a personalized educational journey, and in the digital age, instructional videos have emerged as a powerful friend for homeschooling parents.

Memorable instructional videos offer an engaging way to deliver lessons on various subjects. In articel introduction, we present our own instructional videos to help support homeschooling parents, providing a flexible and effective means to supplement their teaching efforts.

Editable Teacher Agenda

The ETI Academy offers a wide range of products through their TpT store that helps homeschool parents start the day off right by organizing their day through agendas. Explore this editable teacher agenda parents as teachers can laminate and change as needed.

teacher agenda activity

One important topic in the homeschooling classroom revloves around mental and physical health in education.

Click to view their selection of digital products around mental and physical health in education.

Before we talk about our specific videos, let’s talk about how access to educational videos is made possible by Masterclass.

Connect with Bill Nye on MasterClass

In the ever-expanding landscape of homeschooling, the quest for engaging and enriching educational resources is paramount.

Enter MasterClass, a platform renowned for offering expert-led video courses across various disciplines. These masterclass videos, delivered by accomplished professionals and experts in their fields, have the potential to be a game-changer for homeschooling classrooms.

By signing up, parents can explore how MasterClass videos can serve as a valuable supplement to the homeschooling curricula, providing a unique blend of expertise, inspiration, and real-world insights that can elevate the learning experience for students in the comfort of their homes.

Let’s take a look at one example: Bill Nye the Science Guy!

bill nye masterclass

Bill Nye, otherwise known as the “Science Guy,” brings his infectious enthusiasm and wealth of scientific knowledge to MasterClass, offering a captivating learning experience.

In his MasterClass, Bill Nye delves into the wonders of science, breaking down complex concepts into digestible, engaging lessons.

As an expert communicator, Nye not only imparts scientific principles but also instills a passion for discovery and critical thinking. Whether explaining fundamental scientific theories or conducting captivating experiments,

Bill Nye’s MasterClass is a treasure trove for learners of all ages, providing a unique opportunity to learn science from a charismatic and celebrated educator.

We highlight Bill Nye because for us, he has proven over time to be a trusted source for science learning.

And now on to our categories of instructional videos.

Categories of Instructional Videos

Homeschooling parents both new and experienced can benefit from our categories of instructional videos that aim to help learning after the pandemic of 2020.

The videos we share on our website are meant to be used as resource tools to support parents in the field of homeschooling.

We now present important categories we beleive help with teacher development and building morale and self-efficacy in teachers.

I. Teacher Readiness

In this section we look at what teachers should know before they enter the classroom, how to setup the classroom, and important first day activities.

II. Classroom Management

In this section we look at the meaning of classroom management, its connection to discipline strategies, and the main differences between the two concepts.

III. Teaching Methodologies

In this section we look at the best approaches to teaching subjects in the classroom.

IV. Teacher – Student Relationships

In this section we look at the importance of developing and nurturing effective relationships between teachers and students that help foster a safe learning environment.

V. Assessments in Education

In this section we look at effective ways to approach building formative and summative assessments in the traditional and online classrooms.

VII. The Online Classroom

In this section we look at using the right tools and assessments for teaching in the online environment.

VIII. Teacher Mental Health

In this section we look at building and nurturing teacher mindset through looking at the importance of mental health and teacher identity

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